~  is who we represent as a whole, while embracing the minds of individuals who are advocates of style.


Excepting~  that we embrace and understand, but never disregarding any individual standing against the norm, but standing tall without shame for fashion.


Everything~ is the vision for this venture and for everyone in the form of fashion.


Known~ to have the familiarity of individuals through the feel of fashion, while not showing any shape or form of fashionable fear and creating a pathway to a new breed of style.


2~ is not just a singular phase, it takes more than just one to see this through.




With this statement we the originators of this clothing proudly introduce and bring to you a new found way of fashionable representation - G.E.E.K.S.2


Join us as we build a pathway to vibrant, innovative, and unique ideas all for the love of both style and fashion.